About Us


MD Build Ltd is an investment company specializing in building quality residential projects. The company is part of the group of companies established by two entrepreneurs with successfully implemented projects in the field of renewable energy.

Our goal is to build quality residential projects in carefully selected locations.

Our main mission is to provide comfort and functionality in the space of the modern urban people who value their time and freedom and look for the beauty in their everyday life. Our priority is to provide our clients with a happy and peaceful life.

Our main goal is to create a living space for everything important to you. We seek lightness and cleanliness, without unnecessary and dysfunctional niches, a foundation on which to build on your own life. As active entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector, we will design and build energy efficient buildings that will partially or fully meet their energy needs from their own energy sources.

Just like finding a partner in life, choosing a home is an emotional and rational solution. That is why we will strive to create homes where you can imagine your future life. A place where you can be happy and relaxed and you go home with a joy after a hard work day. Our belief is that we need to be flexible and strive to respond adequately to the dynamics of customer demand. Each individual case carries its challenges and every customer is individual to us and we are ready to meet your requirements. We know that the individual approach is the key in these relationships.

What defines MD Build Ltd is the responsibility to the customer, but for us it is just as important as the attitude towards the city we live in. Our aim is not just to create individualized resting places but also to actively care for a better urban environment. An environment that allows our clients to slow down the pace of the busy day, take the air and open their eyes to everything we often lose in the celerity of the everyday life. That is why we want to keep up high aesthetic criteria in terms of urban appearance and, apart from the comfort of our customers, we also take care of building a more modern capital, with an atmosphere that meets the temperament and needs of the modern people.