The most important feature of a property is the location.

The more modern and communicative properties that offer easy access by car, convenient public transport and parking are preferred.

“The Square Apartments” project has an administrative address on Ul. “Eduard Genov” with a future number in G. K. Malinova Dolina. Ul. “Eduard Genov” is an intersection of Bul. “Simeonovsko Shose” and it is located after Ul. "Professor doctor Ivan Stranski" and before Ul. “Okolovrasten Pat” (Southern orbital arc). Fast and easy communication to the property is ensured as you enter the city via the ring road (main road to Trakia highway and Struma highway) and from the center of Sofia via Bul. “Simeonovsko Shose”. The area is fast growing, with the newly built "Ring Mall", 3,1 km, as well as numerous residential and office buildings. Only minutes away from the picturesque neighborhoods of Simeonovo and Dragalevtsi, nestled in the foothills of Vitosha mountain.

Silence and peace:

The location of the project “The Square Apartments” combines the convenience of being located on a main thoroughfare in the southern part of Sofia with being in on an intersecting street about 300 m away from the busy Bul. "Simeonovsko shose". There is no 24-hour traffic noise on the boulevard and the place is airy, with a low degree of dustiness. The natural vegetation and the planned landscaping will contribute to improving the living environment.


“The Squared Apartments” project has been designed to form the property as a fenced, guarded unit with a discreet prospecting fence on all sides, a transport entrance with a barrier with individual remote controls and pedestrian entrance with an electronic access control chip. Parametric video surveillance and street lighting will be built by autonomous solar LED night-lights around the property.


  • 69th Independent nursery, Ul. “Yordan Yosifov” 1, Studentski grad, 1700 Sofia
  • 79th Kindergarten “Slanchice” next to Block 26, Ul. “John Lennon” 10, 1700 Sofia
  • United Kindergarten 16 PRIKAZEN SVYAT, Ul. ” Atanas Manchev” 1, 1700 Sofia
  • Nursery and Kindergarten "Veselite kambanki", Ul. “ Danail Krapchev” 17, G. K. Vitosha, 1700 Sofia
  • Children's House “MONTESORI“, Ul. “Yana Yazova” 6, G. K. Vitosha, 1700 Sofia
  • Nursery and Kindergarten “Happy House” Ul. “Yordan Stubel” 4, Vitosha, 1700 Sofia


  • 55th Secondary School "Petko Karavelov", Ul. “Dabnitsa” 3, 1734 Sofia
  • 8th Secondary School “Vasil Levski”, Ul. “Polkovnik Georgi Yankov” 1, 1797 Sofia
  • 11th Secondary School “Sveti Pimen Zografski”, Ul. “Nikola Gabrovski” 22, 1172 Sofia
  • 105th Secondary School “Atanas Dalchev”, Ul. “Sveti Pimen Zografski” 7, 1172 Sofia
  • Private School, French Lyceum Victor Yugo, Bul. “Simeonovsko shose” 110, 1700 Sofia

Supermakets and restaurants:

  • 24-hour "Fantastico" Supermarket, Bul. “Simeonovsko Shose” 87A, 1734Sofia, 650 m or 8 min walking distance
  • Kaufland Supermarket – Ul. “Prof. Ivan Stranski ", 1734 Sofia, 800 m or 10 min walking distance
  • Restaurant Steak House La Scara, Studentski Grad, next to block 60, 1734 Sofia, 700 m or 9 min walking distance
  • Restaurant Marsilie Bar & Dinner, Ul. “Prof. Ivan Stranski” 5, 1734 Sofia, 800 m or 10 min walking distance

Post and courier services:

  • Post Office 1700, Ul. "Profesor Aleksandar Fol" 2J, 1700 Sofia
  • Econt Express Office, Studentski grad, Ul. “Atanas Ishirkov” 11, 1700 Sofia
  • Speedy Office, Studentski grad, Ul. “Prof. Ivan Stranski” 9, 1700 Sofia


  • Sofiamed Hospotal, Bul. “Doctor G. M. Dimitrov” 16, 1797 Sofia
  • Tokuda Hospidal, Bul. “Nikola Y. Vaptsarov” 51B, 1407 Sofia
  • City Clinic, Ul. "Okolovrasten pat" 127, 1700 Sofia

For Fitness and SPA procedures lovers:

  • Fitness at Maxi Complex, Bul. “Simeonovsko shose” 110, 1700 Sofia
  • Outdoor and indoor swimming pool at Maxi Complex, Bul. “Simeonovsko shose” 110, 1700 Sofia

Convenient public transportation:

  • Bus lines 19, 20, 21, 67, 67А, 71, 80, 88, 102

Ski slope:

  • Vitoshko lale 2, Vitosha, distance 17,5 km or 35 min by car